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Technical support of the train control operation
by the AZB plus axle-count controlled
automatic train control system
stands for


... to install
  • no need to connect to existing interlocking facilities
  • does without switch-controlled signalling equipment
  • no trackside cable needed
.... to use in day-to-day operation
  • runs independently in the background
  • requires very little maintenance and is free of malfunctions
  • does not override existing operating procedures
  • operation or monitoring by operating personnel is not needed but can be set up


  • by offering protection against both head-on and rear-end collision
  • completely rules out human error
  • complies with the German Railway Regulations (EBO) and the General Railway Law (AEG)
  • assurance for use of the system has been given by the Federal Railway Authority
  • approved and listed by DB AG
  • use of tried and tested components such as axle-counting systems by Frauscher
  • reliable in all its details


... allows adjustments to
  • existing track layout structures
  • the operators’ requirements
  • all specific features of the given area of application
  • freely selectable transmission methods between operational points
  • modular structure, extendable by adding further modules
  • allows upgrade to an electronic rail traffic controller

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  • Train exits station
  • Train passes wheel sensor, axles are counted in
  • Axle-counting system sends track occupied message
  • Track magnets prevent all other trains from entering the occupied track section
  • Train exits track section
  • Train passes wheel sensor again, axles are counted out
  • Axle-counting system sends track clear message
  • With approval of rail traffic controller, the next train may enter the track section